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Things That Happen When You’ve Been Together Forever


I never much thought about how many ways  we are connected to our significant other. I mean…I know he wants mayonnaise on his tomatoes and water with his meals and prefers his jeans lightly starched. (Not starched by me, by the way, but lightly starched) I know he likes the weather hot, the ketchup cold, the sunrise better than the sunset and just about any movie made after John Wayne passed is a waste of time. I know to get my keys out of my truck before I come in the house because he will ask me sometime during the evening if I did…and if I didn’t… I’ll get a 20 minutes lecture on folks who steal automobiles. I know he’s going to slip out of bed every morning, careful not to wake me up, then show up an hour later with the best iced tea in the world from our local little store so I can have it for breakfast. I realize many, if not all of these things, come from living with a person. And this knowledge is normal and natural.

But today, as I was in quite a hurry to get him off the phone so I could keep an appointment and as he was trying to come up with a place to meet me to give me a package he wanted me to deliver from him…I said “just meet me by the thing where we saw that deal” and I hung up. And then it dawned on me….he KNEW what I meant. And he showed up on time at the thing where we saw that deal. I can’t decide if that’s cool…or scary.



  1. sheila hopkins says:


  2. Barbara Nugent says:

    You two are in sync. I also know that feeling.

  3. Brian Childers says:

    I remember riding in the back seat of the car as my parents would hold hands resting on the console between them. They would ride for hours and maybe never say a word. As they rode and one would see something out their window you would see the gentle squeeze of the hand. That was “the signal” to look. The only response may be just a simple “Mmmm” or “Mmmm-hmm”. Not a word was needed, but love was shared and discussions were carried on…..without a spoken word.

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